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How can Tempus help you? Let us count the ways ...

What Do We Do?

We Ease Your Load

We're here to help you get on with running your event, without having to worry about time-keeping, results, or entry hassles. Here's how we do it -

Race Timing

Using our state of the art RFID timing systems and Racetec software, we will attend your event and time your races, whether they are a simple fun run, a multisport or adventure race, or a 12-hour multi-lap MTB event.

Results Management

Your event will be individualised on our web portal, with event and sponsors logos, a link to your event and course maps, and a Query button for any questions your competitors may have.

Online Entry

Let us set up your entry portal with the parameters you choose, whether you have a straight entry fee, discount codes, merchandise, or tiered entry fees for different time periods. We can even organise your race number bibs!

Downloadable PDF certificates

As a memento of their race, your competitors can download a PDF certificate from our Results portal, featuring attractive graphics, your race logo and date of event, and sponsors' logos.

Social media and SMS Interface

As an added feature, if nominated, competitors can have their splits and/or results sent as a personalised SMS to a nominated mobile phone number, as well as have their finish result posted on Twitter, and video to YouTube.

Website Creation For Your Event

Tempus can design and create a website specific to your event or sports club/organisation, packed with features to help you maximise participation and increase interest in your event.