Camden Haven Cruising
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Camden Haven Cruising

As a competitor, I have raced this race many times and enjoyed it nearly every time. Port Macquarie Triathlon Club always put on a friendly, well-organised race which is well-supported by local triathletes from as far as Newcastle.

This year they decided to hand over the timing to me, and get away from the tedious manual split timing and Excel wrangling, which although accurate if well done, takes a considerable amount of time from your volunteers who could be better utilised elsewhere.

I stayed the previous night at the Dunbogan Caravan park (which I can recommend) and had a pleasant time catching up with Triathlon Club friends the night before the race.

The setup was a challenge with the transition area being across the road from the finish line area, and with widely-separated Swim In, Bike Out, and Run Out gates. I solved the problem by remotely accessing the Elite reader which did the Swim In and Bike In gates, and ran the Lite reader at the Finish line. It worked well, but I had to hard cable the LAN due to my brand new GPRS modem not being functional. (It was working fine the next day, after the Ipico boffins worked out how to unlock it from AT&T).

Once all the cabling was safely tucked away along fences and under cable ramps, my biggest issue was manually recording the finishers’ times in case of a problem – always worth it, even when there are no cash prizes on offer. Luckily, I had some fantastic volunteers supplied by the Tri Club.

Everyone happy at the end of the day, including me, but I lost a whole lot of sweat packing up after the event, because it got really HOT! Ah well, I guess triathlon is a summer sport after all …

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